09 Aug

Yay! First post on my new blog – solely for book reviews, rants, writing, and general book-ish-ness! The first few days of the blog will probably be a little hectic and disorderly as I try and post all the things I would like to link to a couple of my pages.

Anyway, thank you for checking out my blog! My name is Riley Zilm, a full-time, teenage, bookworm. Along with being an avid reader, I am a budding writer with the single long-term goal I’ve permanently set for myself being to be published. I’m working on a couple of different things at the moment, such as a novel, short story, and I’m also a relatively recent poet. The life of a reader ain’t easy!

If you were wondering, the name of the blog, Books & Pretty Stones, is a reference to one of my all-time favourite quotes, by my all-time favourite author, Kate Forsyth. The quote is viewable on the sidebar on the right,

Here’s a quick guide to navigate this blog’s pages:

  • Home – Kinda goes without saying, doesn’t it?
  • About – Basically the information I just told you, with a couple of links to my social networking sites.
  • Beginning to End – A series of posts I will frequently write. More details on the page, as well as being explained better once a post is made.
  • Favourite Authors – Always a difficult question to answer, but here’s a list of fifteen of my favourite writers.
  • My Writing – A few bits and pieces I’ve decided to share. The first few posts of the blog will probably be all these stories, poems, etc. in order for me to make appropriate links on the page itself.

Well, that’s all I’ve got to say for now! I’ll try and blog a bit at least a few times a week, between school, homework and reading, but I’m determined to make this blog last! Allons-y!

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