Review: Spy for the Queen of Scots

07 Sep

  • Title: Spy for the Queen of Scots
  • Author: Theresa Breslin
  • Publisher: Doubleday
  • Genre: Historical fiction

Dark secrets. Betrayal. Murder.

Jenny, close friend and companion to Mary, Queen of Scots, has grown up at the French court – a place of ruthless ambition, intrigue and deceit. When Jenny overhears a whispered plot, and several mysterious deaths take place, she turns spy for Mary.

Then Mary returns to Scotland to claim her throne, and the girls face even greater peril. There are many who would slit Mary’s throat to steal her crown, and Jenny must protect her mistress – while also fighting her feelings for the charismatic nobleman Duncan Alexander.

I’ve been interested in the historical Mary, Queen of Scots for some time now, and I snapped this book up as soon as I laid eyes on it. It sounded absolutely wondrous, and I can tell you that Breslin delivered.

Full of political intrigue, scandal, suspicion, unconditional friendships and romance, Spy for the Queen of Scots was a serious page-turner, and I constantly had to know what happened next. My favourite part of this book is the main character, Jenny’s devotion and love for Mary. Their friendship was just so sweet and I think everyone should have a friend like Mary did Jenny, and vice versa.

Additionally, this time period is one of my favourites and I always love reading a brilliant description of the events, places, people and actions people used set in this period.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this novel, and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in this historical period, Mary, Queen of Scots, or just looking for a good historical fiction read. I may have to hunt down some more books by Theresa Breslin…


What am I reading next?

I’ll be catching up with the craze over James Dashner’s The Maze Runner.

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