Books I Think Should Have Film/TV Adaptions

12 Oct

Last post, I mentioned I was going to see Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters in cinemas. Unfortunately, the screening period had ended at the cinema I went to a few days earlier. Of course, that means I cannot write a Page to Screen post about it.

So, to make it up to you, I have written a list of some books and stories I adore, that I think should be adapted for film or television.


The Witches of Eileanan, by Kate Forsyth

The Witches of Eileanan

This series of six fantasy novels by my favourite author could make an exciting TV series, with a layout similar to that of Game of Thrones – that is, each book spanning across a season. Alternatively, a full film franchise would capture the magic of these wonderful books, both literally and metaphorically.


Heroes of Olympus, by Rick Riordan

Heroes of Olympus

I definitely think this would be perfect as a television series. Perhaps after the completion of the Percy Jackson franchise, the cast could return for a new story. (Or new actors could be cast – Wouldn’t they be a little old for the parts by that stage?)


The Ordinary Princess, by M.M. Kaye

Has no one at Disney read this book? Really? This is almost perfect for a Disney film adaption. I say “almost”, because The Ordinary Princess is in fact a parody of Sleeping Beauty. If not Disney, any other 2D animation studio could pick it up. I imagine the style to be inspired by the nouveau era. It could also make a nice four-part miniseries for children, with each episode one of the four parts of the book.

But if Disney did decide to adapt this book into a film, Princess Amy could join the Disney Princess franchise, and become a brilliant role-model for little girls around the world.


The Scorpio Races, by Maggie Stiefvater

Of all the books by Maggie Stiefvater (that I’ve read so far, anyway…) I think The Scorpio Races is most deserving of a film adaption. It’s exactly the kind of thing various people would go and see. And it’s a standalone, so no franchise attached.

In addition, The Scorpio Races actually is in the works. Warner Bros. has claimed the rights to the film with KatzSmith Productions set to produce. So, yay!


Snow White and Rose Red, collected by the Brothers Grimm

Okay, so not a book, I know, but with all the fairytale retelling films recently, I think it’s high-time these two girls got their spotlight. I love this tale, and I’m quite upset that it’s not more well-known. It also aggravates me when people assume it has something to do with the totally unrelated companion of the seven dwarfs.

However, I have found a retelling by Margo Lanagan, Tender Morsels, which I am very eager to read.


The Empath Chronicles, by Selina Fenech

Emotionally Charged

Even though Memory’s Wake is absolutely fabulous and one of my favourite books ever, I think it should stay a book, as I do not think a film could capture the same magic that spellbounded me when I read it. Besides, Emotionally Charged and its upcoming sequels would make a really great TV series, even if it wouldn’t have a lot of seasons. Selina Fenech has even listed her dream cast for Emotionally Charged.


What do you think of my wishlist of film and television adaptions? What are some books you would like to see on screens?

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