28 Oct

A few weeks ago in my post about participating in NaNoWriMo this year, I mentioned I was writing a book called Angel, which is the first book of the Above and Below duology. Since then, however, I have slightly changed the title to Angelic, and altered the series’ name to the Envoy duology. I felt like sharing a few things about it.

The gorgeous cover Ryanna Coleman of NaNoWriMo designed for me.

The gorgeous cover Ryanna Coleman of NaNoWriMo designed for me.

The current synopsis of Angelic (which I’m pretty sure will be changed sometime soon) is the following:

Angelique is an Angel, sent from Above to find and make peace with the Demon from Below in order to keep an impending war from ever breaking out in the land of the mortals.

Angelique must fit into her life with mortals and search for the Demon, all while avoiding the Prophets of SIlvertome – a psychic cult determined to rid the earth of Angels and Demons.

Suddenly, Angelique has a vision of a girl lying dead in the arms of a Demon, his face smeared with the girl’s blood.

With only a week left to fulfill her destiny, Angelique must find and make peace with the Demon to protect the three Planes of existence, or all hell will break loose. Literally.


Each of my character’s names have a special meaning behind them. The etymologies for my three protagonists are:

  • Angelique Asteriae: “Angelique” – “Angel” (Greek); “Asteria” (plural: “Asteriae) – “of the stars”/”starry one” (Greek)
  • Renée Déesse: “Renée” – “Reborn” (French); “Déesse” – “Goddess” (French)
  • Samael “Sam” Minthe: “Samael” – demon angel of death (Hebrew mythology); “Minthe” – lover of Hades (Greek mythology)


I much prefer these titles, and I also prefer the drastically changed plot I’ve conceived in the sixteen days I’ve been working on it. If I can make this complicated a world in two weeks, I think I may be able to manage to write it in four…

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