Angelic (Prologue)

01 Nov


The world began as one. Before humans had taken our first breath, or the sun had made its first rotation of the Earth. Before the Battle.

For many years, the Angels and Demons had lived together in perfect harmony, equals in all but appearance.

Their governing system was also just and fair, both an Angel and Demon ruling the lands. Thus, the world was at peace and prosperity.

Until the darkness.

            The Council had made a terrible mistake in electing their next Demon leader of the world. The Archdaemon Lucifer was jealous and bloodthirsty. Convinced that the Archangel Michael was plotting to overthrow the Demons and take the world for the Angels, Lucifer banded together a group of Demons and launched an attack on the Angels of the Council.

On that day, many Angels were slaughtered, and war broke out between the Angels and Demons. Countless years passed with no clear victor in sight, and hundreds, thousands, millions, died gruesome deaths at the hands of one another. The ground was awash with their blood.

Unable to agree on any terms of peace with the Demons, the Archangel Michael met Lucifer on the battlefield and challenged him to a final duel.

The clash was so powerful, and so bloody, that, when Michael finally slew Lucifer and spilt his blood on the earth before him, it rent the world into three Planes of existence – Above, Between, and Below.

After that, there was silence. Michael sent a courier for the next Demon in charge and met with Lucifer’s successor, the Archdaemon Lilith. The two wrote up a treaty – the Pact of Peace – and signed, agreeing to take a Plane of existence and leave the other species be, lest all three Planes be destroyed by another war.

The Angels took Above, and the Demons went Below, to carry on with their lives. However, the Pact of Peace also stated that every few years, an Envoy from each species was to be sent Between, to meet and make peace with one another, keeping the power of the Pact alive. If they do not conciliate, the Angels and Demons are obligated to return to battle.

Many millennia passed, and the Envoys continued to keep the Pact of Peace. Now, Between has been populated by mortals, who have no knowledge of the Envoys or the bloody battle that had occurred before the world had been torn apart.

But now they are here. The Envoys have come, and it will be they, who hold the fate of the world in their hands.


Please note that this is a first draft (no time for editing in NaNo month!) and is very likely to change.

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