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An Art Post on a Book Blog

As well as a reading and writing fanatic, I am also a fantasy art enthusiast, and I’ve become obsessed with quite a few artists recently. Four of them have stood out for me, because I can imagine their creative flair brightening up the imagined cover of my WIP novel, Angelic. (This post is kind of related to books, still, isn’t it?)

My overall favourite artist is Selina Fenech (who is also one of my favourite authors), who paints the most magical artwork, including fairies, gothic, fantasy, mythology, and more. Selina runs her own online shop, Fairies and Fantasy, which sells various products, including art prints, bags, necklaces, and even dolls, from not only her talent, but that of various other artists, too.

Here’s a few of Selina’s works that remind me of Angelic, even if in a small way:

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My Top 5 Fictional Heroines

Everyone has their favourite character – the one who they most connect with, who reaches out of the page and holds out their hand to drag you into the wonderful world of fiction. They are the people help you through all the less-than-fantastic days as you curl up in bed and read until God-knows-when. They hold a special place inside you for your entire life.

Since I, for some reason, found it easier to list female characters that I love, I decided to share the fictional women who have changed my life from the pages of a book.


5. Alice
(from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, by Lewis Carroll)

All throughout my life, Alice has reminded me that normality is the truly trivial thing in this world, and imagination is what makes the planet turn. The story literally shows that entire worlds can be created in one person’s mind.

Alice and her mad acquaintances are some of my favourite children’s characters ever, and Alice herself shows that children can be as witty and clever as any adult. She also tells us that we should never take something too seriously.

I am a massive Alice fan, and I’ve vowed to watch every adaption of the tale I can get my hands on. Seriously, don’t mess with me and my Wonderland.

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