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05 Dec

As well as a reading and writing fanatic, I am also a fantasy art enthusiast, and I’ve become obsessed with quite a few artists recently. Four of them have stood out for me, because I can imagine their creative flair brightening up the imagined cover of my WIP novel, Angelic. (This post is kind of related to books, still, isn’t it?)

My overall favourite artist is Selina Fenech (who is also one of my favourite authors), who paints the most magical artwork, including fairies, gothic, fantasy, mythology, and more. Selina runs her own online shop, Fairies and Fantasy, which sells various products, including art prints, bags, necklaces, and even dolls, from not only her talent, but that of various other artists, too.

Here’s a few of Selina’s works that remind me of Angelic, even if in a small way:


My next selection (although this list isn’t in any particular order) is Joseph Corsentino, who fuses magic and reality with his photographic art. These beautiful artworks are used in Joseph’s fantasy series of graphic novels, the Time of the Faeries. So far, only the first novel, Afterlight, End of the World, has been released, but two art books (Generations One and Two) have been released, and both his online store and Selina Fenech’s Fairies and Fantasy store stock various items depicting this stunning art.

Some angels and other creatures in the Time of the Faeries universe that have inspired me in my writing of Angelic:


I’m sure that any fantasy art enthusiasts will know this next one… Anne Stokes does some of the most gorgeous realism I’ve seen, and paints some really fantastic angels! She really captures the moody tones in all of her paintings, and is possibly the Queen of Fantasy Art. You can buy products from her online shop, including figurines, journals, clothing, and more.


Finally, my last pick is Nicole Cadet. I’m relatively new to her fanbase, but no less in love with the power she brings to her paintings. Nicole’s art can only be bought through her Etsy shop and Deviantart account (I think – I haven’t found her art available anywhere else).

Nicole just so happens to be open to commissions for book covers, so if I decide to go down the self-publishing road, she might be getting a little contact from me… 😉


All artwork copyright their original creators.

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