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Poetry: The Painted Girl

She was pretty as a picture
The apple of my eye

She would gaze into my eyes
Her mouth curved up at the edges

Dark curls framed her
Pale face
Thick lashes shielded
Liquid eyes

I could stare at you for hours
Awed by your delicate creation

I loved the canvas of your skin
The pigment of your mind

But how could I love you
When you’re a painted girl?

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New Kate Forsyth Releases!

This year, my all-time favourite author, Kate Forsyth (Bitter Greens, The Wild Girl, The Witches of Eileanan) will have five(ish) new releases! (Well, more along the lines of four, but we’ll get to that.)

Since I first read one of Kate’s books (The Puzzle Ring, and it is still one of my all-time favourites) she has only had four novels released, along with a picture book. Thankfully, however, I’ve had all that time to track down her other novels, too, so I haven’t had to wait for another Kate Forsyth novel to read for some time.

But to have four new books released in a single year is very exciting! Christmas will last all year round! And they’re all quite varied subjects, so we’ll get a little taste of everything.

In the order of their releases, Kate’s new books are:


The Wild Girl (second edition)

The Wild Girl 2nd editionOkay, so not exactly a new release, but the new edition is so pretty! It looks like a film tie-in edition. (Nudge nudge, film companies…)

This new edition is released in Australia on March 3. You can preorder it on Booktopia.

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Starting My Novel Over

During November when I participated in NaNoWriMo, I felt like I was on a roll – each chapter ending on a pleasing word count. Unfortunately, this was through my last weeks of the school year, which were the most intense and stressful I’ve had yet. I worked on my novel instead of homework – major assignments and test revision which would impact my grades more than anything – and I daydreamed about my characters in class instead of taking notes.

In one of the final weeks of school, I realised there was no way I could keep going on like that, and I had to put my novel aside to knuckle down on some school work. This unfortunately sapped me of any motivation I had to do anything, let alone write another 25,000 words, so the story fell unfinished and without much work until about mid-December, when I decided to edit what I had before going ahead with the rest. Read the rest of this entry »

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Page to Screen: Carrie

P2S Carrie

Okay, I’ll admit that I’m a little obsessed with this story since reading the book for the first time. (My review.) Perhaps you could say I’m getting a little CARRIED away with it.

No? Okay…

Ahem, anyway, I was really excited to see this film, for two reasons: one, because Carrie is amazing, and the 1976 film was good; and two, because Chloë Grace Moretz stars…

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Books Read in 2013

I only read a total of 38 books last year. This number is so small, and some books I started, but didn’t quite finish, last year not appearing on the list for personal reasons.

Below, I have listed all the books I read, showing the covers of some of my favourites.

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2014: Year of Classic Literature

As I planned in an earlier post, I have decided to dedicate much of my reading in 2014 to classic novels and stories.

Recently I have bought a few novels to begin my endeavours, to add to my miserably small collection of classics.

Some classics to get the year started!

Some classics to get the year started!

I’ve already started Great Expectations, and my own expectations are high!

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Page to Screen: Percy Jackson & the Sea of Monsters

pts som

I have finally seen the second film in the Percy Jackson franchise, and my emotions are heavily conflicted.

It seems to me that a film adaption of a book is in more danger of being ruined the closer to the original plotline it gets, which I think is the case with this movie. The first installment, The Lightning Thief, was different enough from the book that I still liked it (although I do my best not to think about the innacuracies, otherwise I get angry), but I have a feeling that Thor Freudenthal was trying to get the franchise to follow the books’ story closer, although still have creative differences to make the movie work.

But I think he went about it the wrong way.

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