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Page to Screen: Carrie

P2S Carrie

Okay, I’ll admit that I’m a little obsessed with this story since reading the book for the first time. (My review.) Perhaps you could say I’m getting a little CARRIED away with it.

No? Okay…

Ahem, anyway, I was really excited to see this film, for two reasons: one, because Carrie is amazing, and the 1976 film was good; and two, because Chloë Grace Moretz stars…

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Page to Screen: Percy Jackson & the Sea of Monsters

pts som

I have finally seen the second film in the Percy Jackson franchise, and my emotions are heavily conflicted.

It seems to me that a film adaption of a book is in more danger of being ruined the closer to the original plotline it gets, which I think is the case with this movie. The first installment, The Lightning Thief, was different enough from the book that I still liked it (although I do my best not to think about the innacuracies, otherwise I get angry), but I have a feeling that Thor Freudenthal was trying to get the franchise to follow the books’ story closer, although still have creative differences to make the movie work.

But I think he went about it the wrong way.

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This to That

In my efforts to make my blog’s menu easier to navigate, you may notice I have changed the “Beginning to End” page title to “This to That”.

This is because I have thought of another frequent post to write, using the title structure “____ to ____”, much like “Beginning to End”.

The new post, “Page to Screen”, shall have me watching film or television adaptions of my favourite books and stories (or really any books or stories I’ve read that has a screen adaption) and comparing the adaption to the book, as all good readers do.

My first post in this series shall be appearing in two or three days, when I at last get to see Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters. I even re-read the novel yesterday to refresh my memory of the storyline. Fingers crossed it will be more accurate than the first!

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