Short Stories

A new short story will be uploaded every first Sunday of each month for my Short Story Sunday.




How would you feel if Snow White were a vicious assassin? Or Cinderella were a street-beggar? What if Red Riding Hood were the psychologically traumatized daughter of Sleeping Beauty, who was in a coma from a long-ago incident involving a broken glass slipper and three blind mice? Could you even comprehend the wicked stepmother being the hostage of Rumplestiltzkin? What if everything you thought you knew about fairytales wasn’t so? A dark and gory twist to the fairytale world.


Abberline: A Tale of Jack the Ripper

Inspector Abberline has been called back to Whitechapel in order to assist in the hunt for the infamous Whitechapel Murderer known as Jack the Ripper.
(Warning: Probably completely historically inaccurate – I’m an amateur Ripperologist)


Cemetery Shadows

A descriptive short story based on the common fears of a graveyard.


The Harpy Experiment

Chris is a regular teenage girl, living her mundane life – doing homework, going out with friends – the usual. But there’s something underneath desperate to get out. You see, Chris has wings. And talons, too. In the middle of the night, Chris transforms into a horrifying, feathered creature, giving her razor-sharp senses, and the ability to fly. Chris must discover why she can become the Beast, all while hiding who she really is.


The Chronicles of Astilila:

  • The Sword of Arthur

Sir Robert, a soldier excommunicated from the army of the kingdom of Astilila runs away from home in an upset rage and happens upon a mysterious woman claiming to be the Lady of the Lake. The Lady instructs Robert to retrieve an unbeatable weapon once belonging to the great King Arthur to stop an impending attack on his kingdom.

  • The Wrath of Merlin
  • The Cup of Life
  • The Fall of Camelot

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